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The Redwood Experience

At Redwood Outdoor Living, our Design | Build philosophy is founded on the core belief that a functional and collaborative design is the basis for a successful and smooth build experience.

We understand that visualization is the first crucial step in creating the outdoor living space of your dreams. This is why we offer 2D and 3D renderings of your design so you can imagine exactly how things will look months before we even break ground!

Once the design has been approved, with careful planning and hands-on construction management, we will transform your property into a stunning outdoor space that exceeds all your expectations!

Our Process

Step One

On-Site Design Consultation

Our primary objective is to create an outdoor space custom tailored to your needs and wishes. It is important for us to build relationships right from the start, so we can deliver above and beyond your expectations.


When we meet, we will walk through your property, but more importantly, we want to get to know you and your living areas.  Let’s talk about what your dream space could look like, and what and whose needs are we meeting?  What are your priorities?

Step Two

Initial Concept Design Review

During our initial design review, we will walk you through the site using our design software via zoom. The Zoom experience enhances the ability to walk you through the space in its entirety and see every inch of the design. Our goal is for you to understand the design as intimately as we do. Based on your likes and dislikes, we will make the necessary changes and will set up a second zoom meeting. 

Step Three

Final Design Deliverables 

During the second design review zoom meeting, we will review any changes to our two dimensional concept plan. We will also bring the space to further life with our immersive and realistic 3-D design. These high resolution renderings offer an opportunity for you to understand and feel what it will be like in your new space before it’s even built.  In addition, we will provide you with a good, better, best pricing for finishes. Each pricing guide will include a detailed preliminary cost breakdown. 

After you take time to review the plan and projected cost, we will meet as needed and make any necessary changes.  Creating your dream outdoor space that meets your budget is incredibly important to us.

Step Four

Bid Acceptance & Construction

With your final design, and scope of work completed, a formal contract and initial deposit will be the last remaining barriers between you and your new dream space!


We are extremely thorough in the construction outlines and costs provided in our contracts. We want you to enjoy the construction process, so we spend the extra time accounting for everything we can up front to avoid any surprises or cost overruns at the end.

We are also very hands-on during the build process, working alongside our construction specialists and craftsmen to ensure a smooth and timely build, and that all the details are perfected! We will be on-site and able to oversee every aspect of the installation, and available to you throughout the process. 

Step Five

Final Walkthrough

As we near the end of the construction phase, we will walk through your site with you to ensure that the final touches to your outdoor space have come to life.  Our goal is to meet all your needs and exceed your expectations.

The Redwood experience doesn't end upon the completion and initial satisfaction of your project. We will reach out periodically throughout the first year to make sure you are still satisfied with the work!

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