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On Site Consultation

Our process begins with an on-site design consultation. With our client centric approach, this is our first opportunity to get to know your property but more importantly, get to know you!


During our walkthrough, we want to learn about what your dream space consists of - Who is it for? What are your must haves? We want to know it all!


Our primary objective is to create a space custom tailored to your needs. We love building relationships right from the start so we can deliver above and beyond your expectations!


Design consultations start at $300 and are credited towards your design agreement cost upon approval.

Design Presentation & Budget Review 

Upon completion of your design, we will reach out to schedule the big reveal!


For the initial review, we prefer to meet via zoom. This allows us to walk you through the space in its entirety. We obsess over every inch of our designs and we want you to come to know and understand it as intimately as we do. In this initial review, we will also go over all the proposed materials, and inspirations, and can even make design tweaks on the fly while you watch! 

After our digital walk-through, we will present you with a preliminary budget proposal. Creating your dream outdoor space within the budget you have in mind is incredibly important to us. After you take time to review the plan and projected cost, we will come back together and make any necessary changes.

Devroe 3d Rev 12.jpg
Untitled (900 × 500 px) (1).png

Bid Acceptance & Execution

Once we reach an agreement on design and budget, we will send contracts over. The contract documents will include detailed information on payment schedules, materials deposits, milestone payments, refund information, etc.

We are constantly monitoring the cost of materials and in order to ensure we lock in the pricing presented in our presentation, we will use your 10% deposit to purchase essential materials.

During the build process, we work hand in hand with our construction partners to ensure a smooth and timely  build. We will be on-site and able to oversee every aspect of the installation. 

Final Walk Through 

As we near the end of the construction phase, our crews diligently work to ensure that the final touches to your outdoor space come to life.


Our work is not done until you are ecstatic about your new outdoor space - the site for countless wonderful memories for your friends and family!


Ready to begin the consultation process?

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